Birth Records

Arkansas Vital Records produces three types of birth copies: an actual copy of the original certificate, a certification copy, and a wallet size plastic birth card. The certification copy and plastic birth card can not be produced for some birth years.

The cost of a birth record is $12.00 for the first copy and $10.00 for each additional copy ordered of the same record at the same time. If no record is found or no copy is made, state law requires that we keep $12.00 for a searching fee. The customer may request a refund of any amount paid over the required $12.00 search fee. If the customer has used the express credit card service, both the expedite fee and the search fee of $12.00 are not refundable. A request can be made for any money, which was paid in excess of the search fee of $12.00 and the expedite fee. Please do not send cash in the mail.

Arkansas Statute 20-18-305 does not allow public release of birth records, which are less than 100 years old. The law does permit release to specific persons who are related to the registrant and to his/her designated representatives, to academic research groups, and to persons who can demonstrate a right to the record.

  • The full name of the person on the birth certificate.
  • The date of birth. The city or town and county of birth.
  • The father’s full name
  • The mother’s full name, to include her maiden name
  • The requester’s relationship to the person named on the certificate
  • The requester’s reason for requesting the certificate
  • A check or money order payable to Arkansas Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)
Birth Certificate Application