Changing Certificates

The Vital Records law allows the Arkansas Vital Records to create delayed certificates and to make a variety of changes to records without a court order. Examples of some of these are:

  • The creation of delayed birth certificates
  • Correction of minor errors
  • First and middle name changes (some cases require a court order)
  • Date (some cases require a court order)
  • Adding a natural father using a Paternity Affidavit (if a father is not already listed)
  • Legitimization (adding the natural father after he and the mother have married)

For each action, Vital Records must use a specific procedure, which is mandated by law. Since there are so many different types of actions, we recommend the following: Send us a copy of the record or provide us with enough information so that we can locate the record or evaluate the request. If a change is needed, tell us what information is incorrect and what the correct information should be. Our personnel will send instructions telling exactly what is needed in order to perform the action. The mailing address is listed at the beginning of the web page. Please be specific and thorough.

Court Ordered Changes to Birth & Death Certificates:

There are some actions that require a court order before the certificate can be changed. Some examples of some of these are:

  • The creation of a new birth certificate after a child has been adopted
  • Adding a natural father to a birth certificate if the mother was married to another man.
  • Changing the father on a birth certificate
  • Changes of surname
  • Change of sex on the birth certificate
  • Surrogate motherhood If a court order is required, normally an attorney is needed for this type of action.

Arkansas Vital Records maintains the Putative Father Registry. The purpose of the registry is to allow an unmarried father of a born or unborn child to register his name so he will be notified before the child is placed for adoption. The father does not have to be listed on the birth certificate to register. For more information call (501) 661-2174.