Assessor News

January 1st

  • Date of valuation of all personal property except inventories
  • Beginning of assessment period for both real and personal property

March 1st

  • Tax book open for payment
  • First day for tax collection

May 31st

  • Last day to assess personal property before 10% penalty is applied
  • Last day to add property newly acquired since January 1 without 10% penalty

July 1st

  • Last day for appraisals of real property
  • Last day for appraisals of personal property
  • Notification of value increases to property owners within 10 business days
  • Last day to file for reappraisal (every three to five years)

August 1st

  • Equalization Board regular session begins
  • Assessor delivers real and personal assessment rolls to Equalization Board

August - (3rd Monday of August)

  • Last day for property owner to file appeal with Equalization Board

October 8th

  • Last day to file appeal with County Court

October 15th

  • Last day to pay property taxes without 10% penality